E.g., Oct 19 2021
E.g., Oct 19 2021
Height Hike ― Tallest in Tejas
Sat, 10/16/2021 12:30pm to 2:00pm
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Mission Tejas SP
19343 State Highway 21 E.
Grapeland, TX, 75844
United States (936) 687-2394

Finally answering: Hey Ranger, how tall is that pine tree?!

Join us in finding the important answers to an impossible question.

- Learn how to size a tree up with a stick, an axe, and a tangential height gauge. Then go hunting for the true giants of Mission Tejas...

Meet: At the Playground.

Difficulty: This hike is ~1 miles on moderate terrain, with some steep inclines.

Duration: The intro to measurement is 15 minutes with the following hike taking about 1 hour, depending on group pace and questions.

What to Bring: Water, bug spray, and appropriate clothing + footwear for the outdoors. Stretch your neck and be ready to look way, way up!

Things To Do: 
Hiking/ walking
All ages