Boggy Slough Conservation Area
204 Champions Drive
United States
-94° -94' 36.2352" N 31° 31' 9.0420000000001" W

Located west of Lufkin, the Boggy Slough Conservation Area contains some of the oldest and most ecologically significant hardwood forest habitat in East Texas and spans 18 miles of river frontage along the Neches River. For decades the area has been managed as a wildlife and forest management research and demonstration area, providing habitat for white-tailed deer and eastern wild turkey, as well as numerous ducks, songbirds, and fish.

The mission of the Boggy Slough Conservation Area is threefold: 1) to serve as a model for conservation and land management for a wide range of audiences, 2) to serve as a catalyst for creating a stewardship ethic and connection to nature in our communities, and 3) to fill critical research holes regarding the forest and bottomland ecosystems of the Southeast.  Specific planning related to the long-term research agenda and our education and outreach activities is ongoing.  Be on the lookout for more information related to our long-term vision for the Boggy Slough Conservation Area later this year.

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