Moore Farms
22142 Count Rd 181
United States
-95° -95' 39.936" N 32° 32' 32.148" W

Moore Farms is proud to be a fifth-generation farm family in Smith County. Our current farm has been in the Newborn family for over 100 years. In 1997, Cleve and Lesley Moore stumbled across an idea to entertain with agriculture. After a few years of thinking and working with other farms, we decided it was time to put our idea in motion. 2001 was our inaugural year opening the family’s farm up to the public. Our goal is to educate the public about agriculture and farm life as well as market direct to our customers. As we strive to bring you the freshest farm produce and the most exciting farm entertainment, we hope you will feel a part of our family tradition and make your own family traditions.

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