Mineola Bigfoot Paddling Trail
US Highway 69 Boat Ramp
Mineola ,TX,75773
United States
0° 0' 0" N 0° 0' 0" W

Mineola Paddling Trail is a beautiful, quiet stretch of river. However, flows in the Sabine River along this stretch can be limited as they are dependent on how much water is being let out of the upstream lakes.  While there no man-made obstructions on this reach, there are numerous snags and woody debris to navigate around, particularly when water levels are low.  Additionally, when heavy rains occur, high waters can create dangerous conditions. The Sabine River is a natural river that is unrestrained by flood control dams or other manmade structures. As such, the Sabine River is readily influenced by rainfall runoff that may create temporary high flows and undesirable water quality conditions. 

Five river miles into the paddling trail there is a public camp at the intersection of the river and the abandoned railroad trail that runs through the Mineola Nature Preserve. That trail extends all the way from the river to Cap Ranch Road. It is a nice camp for river runners who want to spend the night or just rest on their trip. The camp has six tables, a fire ring/grill, and gravel tent and sleeping bag sites available.

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